F Newsmagazine.
2022 Fall - Spring 2024

Art Direction / Design / Illustration
Hiring / Employee training
Role: Art Director, Designer
Client: F Newsmagazine
 InDesign, Aero, Illustrator, Photoshop
F Newsmagazine is a journal of arts, culture, and politics edited and designed by students at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Below is a collection of page designs, illustrations, videos, and art-directed issues I produced during my time working at F Newsmagazine. After being promoted to become the Art Director, I also worked on coming up with monthly themes and creating creative guidelines and templates. I also received invaluable experience in the leadership position, as well as hiring, employee training, and team management. 
Monthly art-directed printed issues.
As the Art Director, I am responsible for coming up with monthly themes and creating design guides and templates for the designers. I am also responsible for organizing and overseeing the production, making sure people are on the right track at all times. Here are a few issues that I art directed and designed for.
Check them out on F's official website!
AI-assisted video,
AR experience,
on printed media.
For our April 2023 issue, we collectively decided on the theme of technology of the future. I proposed and created a unique cover that utilizes both AR and AI. Using AI tools such as stable diffusion and a little bit of After Effects, I was able to create a morphing image of various famous paintings inside the Art Institute of Chicago. I then uploaded the footage onto Adobe Aero, which allowed our phone to scan the QR code on the printed issue, and view the footage through the power of AR. The Instagram Reel below showcases the process of using and seeing the animated magazine cover.

AI-Generated Video

Adobe Aero AR experience

An easy-to-understand guide to get new designers up to speed.
As the new art director, I am also responsible for hiring and training new designers. To do so in a quick and digestible manner, I decided to create a designer brief to convey the information that I've learned in the clearest way possible. This includes an introduction to F Newsmagazine, a detailed and illustrated demonstration of the workflow, pagination, page composition, and a list of jargon.

Check out the full 33 Page Design Brief ↓
Web Illustrations.​​​​​
Page designs.
Social media posts​​​​​​
Credits: Everyone in the F Newsmagazine team.
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