Art Bash main event poster
Art Bash (Hatching Creativity)
Poster Design   |  2023 Winter
Project Summary
These posters and identity serve as a proposal for SAIC's freshman design show, Art Bash. To generate excitement, a series of 7 posters are released at different times, complemented by a main poster showcasing all events.
The concept, "Hatching Creativity," centers on the infinite potential of an egg. Utilizing the egg as a symbol of birth, growth, and transformation, the concept explores limitless artistic expression and creativity. Inspired by the universal symbolism of the egg, it provides a fertile ground for artists to incubate ideas and unleash their potential.
This concept emphasizes exploration and possibilities for freshman artists entering Contemporary Practice. The egg symbolizes the beginning and potential, representing their journey into the art world. Artworks in various media will explore the egg's symbolism in unique ways.
Due Date posters
Identity Explanation
Leon Posters
Poster Design   |  2022 Winter
Project Summary
Pick a movie, and identify its genre. Make a poster with the same title and tagline but with its genre completely changed. 
I picked Leon, a 1994 action-thriller, and transformed it into a current-era comedy film starring a black pug along with Samuel L. Jackson.
Picture from Unsplash
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